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Epiphany Investors, LLC can offer many different exit strategies for converting these heavily discounted notes into profitable performing assets with attractive investment opportunities for private investors, rehabbers and wholesalers.

column1-image1Private Investors

Looking to diversify their investment portfolio with notes secured by collateral (real estate) yielding high returns. Also, provide ownership in short term “rehabbing” projects and longer-term property ownership projects serviced by “turnkey” property management companies.


Investors needing to acquire discounted notes or properties in their area which match their “Buy-Fix-Sell” or “Buy-Fix-Hold” strategies and hit their ROI targets.


Looking for highly discounted properties to market to their real estate investors on an “assignable” contract to earn a wholesale fee


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Our Portfolio

Mulberry, San Antonio TX

Scope of Work – Complete Gut, Reframing and Foundation project, All rooms renovated including kitchens and bathroom. There will be significant landscaping

Sir Phillips, San Antonio, TX

Scope of Work – Demolition to remove wall; major cleanup; leveled foundation, new kitchen and appliances; new bathrooms; floor tile work; interior paint; extensive landscaping

Gardenwood, San Antonio, TX

Scope of Work –Located and fixed sewer line leak in concrete slab and then leveled the foundation. The remaining project included cosmetic interior/ exterior painting and minor repairs; new wood laminate flooring; landscaping.

Cherry Ridge, San Antonio, TX

Scope of Work – San Antonio soil is mostly consisting of “black clay” that expands due to rains and contracts in the summer months. Therefore most of San Antonio homes need foundation work. The Cherry Ridge project was typical. It required significant tunneling and a number of piers and beams installed. It also revealed the need to repair and replace some of the cast-iron sewage plumbing. We added a new electrical main/sub panel; some new wiring and lighting fixtures; cosmetic improvements with painting, hardwood floors and landscaping; new built-in wall shelving; new kitchen flooring and appliances; new front entry and side garage doors.

Bronzerock, San Antonio, TX

Scope of Work – Wall demolition and minor repairs; floor tile work; cosmetic improvements in kitchen and bathrooms; new lighting fixtures; interior paint, extensive landscaping and new concrete backyard patio.

Barrett, San Antonio, TX

Scope of Work – this project required more extensive work than planned, which included major cleanup; a new roof; new kitchen; one renovated bathroom and one added bathroom; window and door relocation; foundation (pier & beam); new plumbing, water heater and sewer; new electrical wiring throughout and added central A/C; tile work; carpet; landscaping; concrete driveway; new wood fence & gate; new porch fence; backyard wood deck; interior/exterior painting.